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Buying A CNG Car: Get The Tips To Make CNG Car Last Longer

Posted by Admin

Buying A CNG Car: Get The Tips To Make CNG Car Last Longer

In India, there is a marginal counting of cars that are indulged with a CNG kit for better fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With the continuous increasing value of petrol prices in India, most of the people are migrating their vehicles to a CNG mode.  Certainly, the demand for CNG cars in India raises to an extent that almost all the major auto giants of the country have started offering their models with a CNG kit. In fact, the high mileage CNG cars are easy to go with the pockets of the buyer, and such vehicles also have to be deal with extra care.

How to maintain CNG Cars over a longer period of time:-

Auto giants around the world cant deny the fact that low priced CNG cars duly save the money over a longer period of time but can also harm the engine of the automobile during the definite period. CNG kit doesn't come only with advantages as it has flaws too. The addition of CNG kit in any car can cause a slow pick-up of that model as their engines are designed to run on fuels and not gas. Also, the CNG can affect the valves of the engine damaging the efficiency of the mill. but somehow, the latest design of engines have been equipped with new technologies that help in preventing them with the overall damages caused by CNG. Precisely People needs to give extra attention to their high mileage CNG cars to ensure a better and longer life of the vehicle.

1. CNG cars in India needs to be serviced frequently to ensure 100% functionality with the engine. It is recommended if the servicing of the low priced CNG cars is due at 15000 km, then the same should be done when the vehicle is about to touch the 12000 km mark.

2. It is important to replace the spark plugs of all the CNG cars in India to avoid any errors in the vehicle's performance. The spark plugs tend to pull out sooner comparatively being running only on petrol. These can be replaced manually or by any of the mechanical shop in the local market.

3. CNG users need to be responsible for their vehicles and are advised to not to be solely dependent on fuel as the vehicles run on liquid also. The low priced CNG cars in the country might lose all the performance if being driven on gas fuel for a sufficient time. It is mandate to always ignite the engine of the car on petrol and then run it on the same fuel for almost 5-7 km before switching to CNG mode.

4. Vehicles, such as Hyundai or Maruti CNG cars comes with a fitted company authorized kits and have a valid warranty. It is always commendable to buy a separate CNG kit from these companies only as the tuning of these kits is done by specialists and the car, in turn, return better mileage in a long run.

5. It is also advised to never drive the CNG cars until the gas cylinder gets completely drained. This might result in excess pressure getting stored in the cylinder causing its valves to explode.